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stress management

SOCM 001




Work stress can have disastrous effects on the quality of life. Work stress knows no boundaries. It affects men and women, executives and nonexecutives, Nigerians and non-Nigerians (all races, all colours). Studies conclude that 75 percent of people now work more than 40 hours a week;

46 percent of workers and 70 percent of managers believe that stress is a huge and growing problem in the workplace. Stress is created by a multitude of overlapping facilitators such as overwhelming workloads, ethical dilemmas, difficult relationships with bosses and challenges, and international uncertainties. Although stress can sometimes stimulate and challenge us, too much stress for too long a time has negative effects on both our work quality and personal life. Work stress will not go away but can be managed productively.


Product Description

Course Objectives

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

– become more aware of their stress level;

– gain competence in self-management;

– self-manage their career;

– recognize stress symptoms;

– handle stress more effectively;

– apply strategies for coping with stress; and

– become more sensitive to group dynamics.


– Organizational Culture, Leadership, Change and Stress

– Leadership & Stress

– Neurotic Executive Behaviors and Stress

– Organizational Change & Techno-Stress

– Transformational Processes & Mind-Set Change

– A Deeper Insight into Stress

– What is stress?

– What causes stress?

– Episodic and chronic stress

– Constructive and destructive stress61

– Stressors

– Personal factors

– Organizational factors

– Environmental factors

– Biological Foundations

– The Body Self

– Stress, Trauma, & the Body

  • The neuroscience of the motivation and leadership

– Consequences of stress

– Physiological

– Emotional

– Behavioral

– Behavioral Medicine & Skillful Means

– Stress reduction & relaxation program

– Anxiety arousal control

– Skillful internal perception

– Visceral learning

– Coping Strategies

– Individual moderators

– Individual coping strategies

– Organizational coping strategies

Participant Mix:

Young executives and managers .

Mode of Assessment for Certiļ€cation

100% attendance


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